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Hope Baby House

about our house

Our baby house is for children from the ages of birth to three years old. 

The children who come to stay with us come either through removal from their parents or carers or because their parents have given them up for adoption. There are a variety of reasons for removal including neglect, abuse, trauma, alcohol and substance abuse and failure to thrive.

We have a team of carers who have dedicated their lives to bonding with the children, caring for them with true love and helping them catch up on their milestones. The hope is to get them rehabilitated from the trauma they have suffered and adopted into loving, caring homes.

Making a difference

How You can Get Involved

Most of the children we care for are very traumatised and so having a lot of different people coming and going from their lives adds to the trauma. We have a core group of people who care for the children and do not add to this group very often but there are other ways to get involved.

Call For More Info

Office: 081 266 5544

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Monetary Donations

PayToday: Hope for Life Foundation

Account Name: Hope for Life Foundation
Bank: FNB
Branch: 281872
Account Number: 6226 8439 661


Monetary donations.
This is our greatest need. We have the most incredible team of carers and need to pay their salaries as well as lights and water, rent and the list goes on.


  • Nappies and wipes. Thousands and thousands every month.
  • Baby formula. Infacare 1-3.
  • Baby toiletries such as body wash, body lotion, vaseline, bum cream, cotton wool, baby oil.
  • Baby clothes.
  • Bedding.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit for homemade baby food.
  • Chicken and meat for the older children.


Many of the babies we care for come to us malnourished and sick. We need to build up a medical savings account so that we can buy all the various medications that they need. We get support from the state hospital but they do not always have what we need when we need it.

  • Zinplex immune booster. All our babies get this every day.
  • Medicated bum cream.
  • Panado
  • Adco-linctopent.
  • Rescue drops and tablets.

Babies Through our hands

Babies adopted

Carers working shifts


Help us save lives

It is our goal to impact every little one that passes through our house. They should not leave us the same way they arrived. Some arrive shaking with fear and within days are laughing and playing. Some can’t sleep and cry for hours and leave us bonded, knowing what safety feels like. So every little bit that you help us, helps to change someone’s world.