Jesus loves children.

Pregnancy is not a disease to be cured but the start of an incredible life. Any health care that kills another person is not health care. Any health care that chooses one life over another is not health care.

Every life is significant and equally important. No one life is more important than another.

But what if my child will be disabled and I do not want to bring that suffering on them?

I worked with a lady who desperately wanted children. When she and her husband finally fell pregnant, she was told at 20 weeks pregnant that her son would be disabled and it would be best to abort him. It would save him from suffering and them from having to look after a disabled child. They refused. Their son was born at 40 weeks perfectly healthy. Did he not deserve the right to life just because he wouldn’t be “normal” and the doctors declared it was health care to abort him?

Would you be prepared to say to the face of a disabled person they do not have the right to life and should have been aborted?

Have you been told to abort because your child will not be normal or disabled? Reach out to us, our hands are reaching out to you.

We can and will help. We will help any woman through her pregnancy and birth and in the months and years afterwards. We will help with free counselling and support. We will help the woman to make wise decisions that benefit both herself and child.

We ask those who have aborted and need help to reach out to us, we are reaching out to you. We offer free counselling and support. There is life after abortion and we will help you find it.

No woman has to do this alone. Call or message us. We will help!

Pregnant? Alone? Afraid?

Reach out to us, we are reaching out to you.

Had an abortion? Feeling alone?

Reach out to us, we are reaching out to you.

Matthew 19:14

But He said, Leave the children alone! Allow the little ones to come to Me, and do not forbid or restrain or hinder them, for of such [as these] is the kingdom of heaven composed.