God chose you before you were born.

You are of infinite value to Him.

We choose both women and children. We refuse to choose between the two.

One side shouts, “What about the woman?” and the other sides shouts, “What about the baby?” We say instead, “Let’s stop shouting. Let’s come together and talk about both.”

It is not possible to choose one without abandoning the other, so we choose both. We choose life for the baby and we choose hope and a future for the woman. Every life is significant and worth supporting, be it the life of the person who finds herself pregnant when she does not want to be or the unborn person waiting for the moment when they can take their first breath.

No woman should have to face pregnancy alone and feel driven to abort her child. Society is flawed when that is the only choice a woman feels she can make.

At Hope for Life we ask any woman who is pregnant and feels like she cannot do it, to reach out to us, our hands are reaching to yours. We can and will help. We will help any woman through her pregnancy and birth and in the months and years afterwards. We will help with free counselling and support. We will help the woman to make wise decisions that benefit both herself and child.

We ask those who have aborted and need help to reach out to us, we are reaching out to you. We offer free counselling and support. There is life after abortion and we will help you find it.

No woman has to do this alone. Call or message us. We will help!

Pregnant? Alone? Afraid?

Reach out to us, we are reaching out to you.

Had an abortion? Feeling alone?

Reach out to us, we are reaching out to you.

Galatians 1:15

But even before I was born, God chose me and called me by his marvellous grace.