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There is this common idea that if someone thinks they are pregnant they can take a pill, get their period and the pregnancy will be gone. This is not true.

Trying to abort at home is extremely dangerous. The first problem is that many people claiming to be selling abortion pills in Namibia are scam artists. They are not abortion pills. We do not even know what they are. Ladies are drinking pills and they do not even know what they are or what they will do to them.

Abortion pills first kill the baby in the uterus then they cause contractions to force the dead baby out. These contractions cause the lining of the uterus to come away. This can be very dangerous. It can cause vomiting, chills, headaches and diarrhoea. It can also cause vaginal and abdominal bleeding which can lead to death because without medical help it is not possible to stop.

A 2015 peer-reviewed study found that women who abort at home using pills have severe complications. The study found 77% of the woman had excessive bleeding, 5% had an incomplete abortion and 5% went into shock. These are all medical conditions that can cause death. It is not worth attempting to abort at home.

 If you suspect that you are pregnant, call us. We will help you through the trauma and the pregnancy. You have options.

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